Irish Sled Dog Welfare

Some of our success stories


Juneau came out of a pound in the West of Ireland.  We're still not sure exactly what cross he is, malamute crossed with something. He is a gorgeous boy, with his floppy ears, we fell in love with him and he would have become a permanent member of our family, except that Donna saw him and fell  for him big time.  He went to his new home and is such a happy boy, with his human family and canine brother Ossie.  His new family are very active with him, and he regularly does cani-cross, bikejoring and scootering.  The best thing of all, is that they are members of a dryland mushing club that I am in and so I get to see him regularly.



With his new brother Ossie:


Sky (was Mia)

Sky came to us from a pound near Dublin, in pup, although we didn't know it at the time.  She was painfully thin and through her microchip I managed to trace a bit of her story.  She was only 2 years old and had already had 4 homes.  She is a real escape artist, climbing fencing like a cat.  She had her pups by ceasarian section and rejected them, but was happy to play with them when they were 5/6 weeks old.  She went off to her fantastic new home in Donegal with Eddie, Tracy and family and is very, very spoilt.  She had a lovely sibe brother with her new family who unfortunately died very unexpectedly.  But they adopted another dog from us, Brandy, a red and white Sibe, renamed him Riley and now he and Sky have the perfect life together.

Sky and Riley enjoying a chew in a warm, love-filled home 

Rogue (was Dakota)


Rogue is one of Sky's pups.  She was adopted by one of the vet nurses that helped to deliver her and her littermates.  She is doing brilliantly, spends most of her days at work with her owner meeting lots of other dogs and people.  She came to stay with us in the summer for her holidays, where she played with her brother Vincent, one of the pups that stayed with us.








Oliver came to us with his sister and his mum, Willow, a Siberian husky.  He and his sister are sibe/GSD crosses.  They were approximately 6/7 weeks old when they came to us, Oliver was very, very ill for a while, spending a few days in the vets on a drip, but made a full recovery.  The family that were fostering him couldn't let him go, so they became failed fosterers and he has a lovely home with 3 other dogs and 10 cats.



Oliver chilling out with one of his feline friends